Specialized, leveraging and capitalizing on the “know how” and experience built over many years of field activities.
On The Side ‘system, we were among the first to propose the introduction of services sistemistici Open-Source within Aspasiel, important company in Italy fulcrum of information systems ThyssenKrupp: in fact we have in the past provided the anti-spam solutions based on Linux platform Red-Hat and currently collaborate with the management of an Open-Source services always park on Linux and growing platform.

Since 2004, our company took care of the consolidation and re-engineering of IT systems InoxMarket group.
In addition to the important technological infrastructure redesign and network geography ca group work, collaboration with this company dynamic and expanding, led to the production of advanced software interfaces and increasingly modern.
The side purely ‘system, has successfully tested the introduction of open-source components with high added value and alternative connectivity to the old system based on dedicated lines, leading to a significant reduction in https://www.x3solutions.it/wp-admin/post.php?post=75&action=editinfrastructure costs.
From the application side instead, they are introduced extremely simple software interfaces, equipped with a high level of automation and highly dynamic, able to guarantee the necessary “availability” of information without sacrificing the now unavoidable interactivity of applications.


FULL Outsourcing
Management and development of E.R.P. company. Of the system and network infrastructure of customer interfaces of all Italian and foreign subsidiaries of the group.



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Implementation and maintenance of an E.R.P. system For the management of the steelworks branch located in Whyte Plains (NY).







The application deals with the management of employee incentive initiatives following the two incentive schemes in place at one of the leading providers of postal services:
Basic / Retail incentive system – buisiness incentive system
Technologies: Java J2EE, Spring, REST, javascript MVC, Jquery, Ibatis, MySql.










The application deals with the detection of Criminal Events such as thefts and robbery and the handling and tracking of falsified currency at one of the leading postal services competitors.
Technologies: Java J2EE, Spring, REST, javascript MVC, Jquery, Ibatis, MySql.









The application deals with master, infrastructure and organizational management (opening hours, shifts, staff, equipment presentations, etc.) of one of the leading postal services competitors.
Technologies: Java J2EE, Spring, REST, javascript MVC, Jquery, Ajax, Ibatis, MySql.










APC – Advancement Production Cogne
The application deals with the integrated management of the advancement of the production of the material under work at the steel mill Cogne s.p.a.
Technologies: .NET 4.5, ORACLE.









Web Applications
Over the last 7 years, a number of Web applications have been implemented to integrate important service centers in the steel industry and beyond.
Technologies: .NET 4.5, ORACLE, Telerik, ComponetArt, obout, Ajax, HTML 5.