Very often, information systems are evaluated by users only in terms of data entry: so much time is spent on software design, trying to make this phase as smooth as possible.


The primary task of a system, however, remains to provide answers, always appropriate … in keeping with the dynamism of the company and able to satisfy all available levels of use …..

• in every situation
• in the face of every need
• quickly
• without adding excessive complexity to the infrastructure
• facilitating the work of the users

SqlxGrid Is an extremely innovative component, born to respond to the increasingly pressing need of companies to receive from their systems wherever they are, quick, valid, flexible answers …
The tool SqlxGrid,Is designed to respond to a number of essential paradigms:


Availability: Application on WEB .Net platform

Safety: Profiling the users both for content and functionality

Portability: It binds to the most popular relational databases

Dynamicity: Creating reports is entrusted to an extremely fast and reliable web generator

Simplicity: Dynamic single-page interface, exportability of data to popular formats, the ability to send encrypted results via email, make it an indispensable tool for any type of user.


SqlxGrid, Allows you to create parameterized and formatted reports within a dynamic WEB grid, by writing “SQL” code.

The generator allows for the preparation and testing of the query, also facilitating the insertion of parameters, inserted using a specially-created “tag language” … all transparently through the “WYSIWYG” interface

img7 Parameters include text boxes, data lists, checkboxes, and date fields linked to calendars






img8Reports can be divided into groups and customized depending on the user’s language …… SqlxGrid, will present users a simple and convenient interface for report selection, parameter usage Filtering and launching requests For each query activated, you can export data to Excel, Word or PDF …


img9It will also be possible to send the output via e-mail within a compressed and optionally encrypted file by password






img10Each report will be accompanied by a suitable description, inserted using the generator
The reports of SqlxGrid, Are based on the use of dynamic grids, able to give the user the feeling of working locally and with a spreadsheet similar to excel.

img11It is possible to sort the data by clicking on the individual columns ….




Or group the data …….





Or activate filters for each information displayed ….





Or change the order of columns ….





SqlxGrid, Security is one of its strengths, enabling you to define permissions on each report for each user … even at the level of enabled features!






Access to the system is protected by using the MD5 encryption algorithm









The execution of each operation is rendered extremely

Fast thanks to the use of upgrade techniques

Of individual objects in the pages